Venture / Explorer Scouts


Venture Scout / Explorer Scouts 2018

What’s involved?

  • Camping fees: Fully paid
  • Wall Climbing: This is a 2 Hours wall Climbing Session. Ventures will scale the exterior of Main Building, all the way up to the Top of the Chimney. (Instructor led)
  • Border Rafting:  Castle Saunderson is located on the border of County Cavan and County Fermanagh.  Ventures/ Explorers will be tasked with building a raft and crossing the River Finn into County Fermanagh, before returning back to County Cavan! (Self led, Instructors provided upon request)
  • Hammock Camping:  Feeling a bit like Homer Simpson? Why not spend a night in one of our hammocks.
  • Survival Challenge: Are you tough enough? This summer Ventures/ Explorers will take part in the Castle Saunderson Survival Challenge, they will enjoy a truly primitive scouting experience. Understanding nature and the environment, learning how to forge for food, cooking meals on the open fire and much much more. Ventures/ Explorers will spend a night bivvying out. Ventures will be required to bring their own food and penknives for this activity, all other equipment will be provided by the Centre. (Instructor Assisted)
  • Orienteering: Ventures/ Explorers will take part in one of our Advanced Orienteering Courses. (Self led)
  • Kayaking: A 90 minute kayaking session on the River Finn, Ventures/ Explorers will learn about water safety as well as kayaking the Finn. This must be booked two weeks prior to visiting. (Professional instructors deliver the session)
  • Archery is a high skill sport developing individual skills in a team environment. Archery promotes personnel development and responsibility in young participants in a safe controlled environment. Can you hit the bulls-eye?! You will learn how to shoot arrows at the targets provided. Once hitting the target we will work on developing that skill and improving. (Instructor led)
  • Geocaching: This is an outdoor activity in which Scouts use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches” or “caches”, anywhere in the world. Patrols of 4 will undertake this activity. (Self Led)
  • Evening Programme: For the summer period, Castle Saunderson will provide its visitors with Free Evening programme 6 nights a week. Evening Programme will consist of Soccer tournaments, Hockey tournaments, Campfire nights and much much more!!! (Instructor led)


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