Summer 2018

What’s involved?

  • Camping fees: Fully paid
  • Crate Stacking Advanced: This is a 2 Hour Crate Stacking session, Indoors or Outdoors – Which ever you prefer. Crate Stacking is Castle Saunderson’s most popular activity. (Instructor led)
  • Survival Challenge: This is self-led backwoods activity; patrols will be challenged with living in the woodlands of the Castle Saunderson for 24hrs! Patrols will be issued instruction packs for Bivvy Building, Fire lighting, Leave No Trace along with much more. Patrols will be tasked cooking  on an open fire as well as cooking all their meals for the 24hr period. This will be a challenging and fun activity which will help Scouts achieve many parts of their Adventure Skills Backwoods Badge. Scouts will be required to bring their own food and penknives for this activity, all other equipment will be provided by the Centre. (Self led, Instructor assisted)
  • Wall Climbing: This is a 2 Hours wall Climbing Session. Scouts will scale the exterior of Main Building, all the way up to the Top of the Chimney. (Instructor led)
  • Border Rafting:  Castle Saunderson is located on the border of County Cavan and County Fermanagh. Patrols will be tasked with building a raft and crossing the River Finn into County Fermanagh, before returning back to County Cavan! (Self led, Instructors provide upon request)
  • Orienteering: Scouts will take part in one of our Immediate Orienteering Courses. (Self led)
  • Kayaking: A 90 minute kayaking session on the River Finn, Scouts will learn about water safety as well as Kayaking the Finn. This must be booked two weeks prior to visiting. Professional instructors deliver the session. (Instructor led)
  • Geocaching: This is an outdoor activity in which Scouts use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches” or “caches”, anywhere in the world. Patrols of 4 will undertake this activity. (Self Led)
  • Adirondack Overnight: Spend a night in the woods in our new Adirondack shelters!
  • Evening Programme: For the summer period, Castle Saunderson will provide its visitors with free evening programme 6 nights a week. Evening programme will consist of Soccer tournaments, Hockey tournaments, Campfire nights and much much more!!! (Instructor led)

***Please note we are no longer in a position to offer sterling rates, due to the currency uncertainty *** Only euro rates are available


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