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  • Suitable for All Ages
  • Groups should have this activity pre-booked.
  • Cost of Orienteering is per map or materials, see below.



The suspense and excitement of a treasure hunt, orienteering is an adventurous activity for people of all ages, fitness and skill levels. Participants navigate their way between control points marked on a specially drawn map. The terrain involved can vary and the pace can be decided by the individual.

Orienteering is a versatile activity and can be done anywhere, from a dense forest to a playing field. This means that a course can be fixed or changed regularly and difficulty can also be changed to suit the groups involved. All you need to get started with orienteering is to have a sense of adventure, outdoor shoes and clothing, and of course a compass and map.

Orienteering can be adapted for all ages and even beavers could take part by using a string course and later teaching them to read simple maps so that they can progress onto more complex courses.

Our orienteering courses. (Self run)

Map introduction, black and white map of the area is available to colour in, instructing beginners on the various colours for water, contours etc. Colouring pencils/crayons are available. Cost per pack of 6 is €4 including colouring pencils (to keep and bring back to your den.)

String course with mobile flags and punches and incorporating track and trail. Cost for the string course and use of mobile flags, punches and cards is €5

Tracking signs, this can be incorporated into String course above or completely separate. Sheet available free of charge as a guide for Leaders.

Introducing Compass Bearings. Located in the back car park you will find 8 plinths/raised platforms painted different colours. A scout should stand on each, with their compass and work out the bearing of the other 7 scouts. A master control sheet is available for leaders. Activity free is you have your own compasses, or cost is €2 for rental of compasses. Any compasses unreturned will be charged out to group at full price. €30 per compass.

Introducing GPS.
Using 10 Orienteering posts around the centre, input the GPS Co ordinates on the
handheld device, navigate to it, and punch your card.€10 per GPS unit per group,
unreturned units will be charged at €150 each. It is recommended this is tried before doing Geocaching.

Safety while Orienteering

  • Ensure group knows the dangers of running over rough terrain, and possible trip hazards such as tree stumps and uneven ground.
  • Ensure group knows the boundaries of the course, and if lost finding their way back to the centre.
  • Ensure group know where the main road to the centre is and being cautious while on the main roadway up.
  • Wear appropriate footwear, Orienteering is not a sport for flip flops or sandals.
  • Ensure group has adequate water with them for drinking if on the longer courses during hot sunny weather.

The courses

Basic: Spread over 34 Acres of ground

Ask group to Orient the map, point to features on the map and correspond it to the ground. Introduce thumbing the map. Explain the control card and how it works. Time each individual/team. Cost of this activity is €2 Per map and control card.

Intermediate: Spread over 100 acres of ground. Cost of this activity is €2 per map and control card.

There is a leader board for the fastest run course, don’t forgot to get your time recorded for the Castle Saunderson “Top Gear” Orienteering leader board!

Tracking Signs Guide


What next?

Have you tried Geocaching? A treasure hunt using GPS handheld devices, to locate where your treasure is hidden. There are over 12 hidden on the estate. Enquire at reception for more details.