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  • Suitable for Over 9’s
  • Groups should have this activity pre booked.
  • Max 12 per session
  • Session lasts 2 hours

Crate Climbing


Crate climbing is the act of placing one crate on top of another with the climber remaining standing on the topmost crate without dismounting at any time. The aim is to see how high you can get before the pile of crates topples over or the climber falls off. The climber will start by standing on top of one crate, which is placed on the ground. They will then attempt to place another crate on top of the first and manoeuvre themselves to stand on top of the second crate at the same time. They will continue to add crates in the same manner. For those less confident we can run a dual stack making the climb easier.

The climber will have their balancing skills tested as well as having to try to work out the best method to achieve the climb. Depending on how successful you are, a head for heights can also be an advantage. This activity encourages self confidence & team building.Working as a team you have to stack crates while you are standing on top of them. Balance, confidence and pushing yourself to the limit are all key to this activity! But don’t worry you are attached to a rope and won’t fall anywhere! A great team builder that everyone can join in with, even if you don’t want to climb.


  • Participants to tuck all loose clothing in and remove neckerchief. Jewellery should also be
  • Participants to wear appropriate footwear, no sandals or flip flops. Runners are perfect for
    this activity, while boots is ok, they do restrict getting a good foothold in the crates.
  • Participants to listen to instructor at all times, stay within safety zones at all times, and to
    wear helmets and not to adjust equipment after being checked by instructors.