Activities: Peace Programme

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Castle Saunderson Peace Award

Suitable for All Ages

  1. Undertake a 45 minute Pecae training session at the centre
  2. Sign up as a Messenger of Peace on our dedicated computer and commit to undertaking a community project at home
  3. Undertake a Service project to the Centre
  4. All of the above items can be complete in small group systems, on completion all participants will be awarded the Castle Saunderson Peace badge, this includes the community project which can be recorded via the Messenger of Peace website at home.


Peace Programme

Castle Saunderson Peace Programme

Programme is split in three parts:

  1. Work Programme to develop Castle Saunderson as a Peace Centre (1.5 hours)
  2. Age Specific Peace Activities (45 mins)
  3. Introduction to Messengers of Peace, developing community project (45 mins)

Patrols will need to work together to achieve their goal. Only by working together will they complete this task.

Introduction to Messengers of Peace, developing community project

During this session Scouts & Guides will be introduced to the Messengers of Peace Programme. They will be given time to come up with a project they can do in their own community. One representative of the patrol will then log the project on the Messengers of Peace website.

The Castle Saunderson International Scout Centre Messengers of Peace Badge will be awarded to all patrols that successfully complete all three parts of the peace programme. No patrols will be awarded the badge on the weekend, as they will have to complete their project back in their local community. Projects logged on the Messengers of Peace website will be linked to the Castle Saunderson Community Page. Where on completion badges will be issued.


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